Esteem Essential Oil Blend 15ml

Esteem Essential Oil Blend 15ml

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Esteem Essential Oil Blend 15ml


See labels for organic ingredients.

  • Certified USDA Organic Mandarin Red Essential Oil
  • Certified USDA Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil
  • Wildcrafted Jasmine Grandflorum Absolute Essential Oil
  • Wildcrafted Palo Santo Essential Oil
  • Certified USDA Organic Black Pepper Essential Oil
  • Wildcrafted Galbanum Essential Oil
  • Wildcrafted Black Spruce Essential Oil
  • Wildcrafted Rosewood Essential Oil

      • Aches and discomfort (head, throat, hands, feet, joints, muscles) support
      • Adrenal support
      • Anxiety / sedateness support
      • Bug / insect support
      • Calmness support
      • Cellulite support
      • Confidence building support
      • Concentration support
      • Congestion support
      • Creativity support
      • Digestion support
      • Emotional and mental support
      • Energy support
      • Fatigue support
      • Feelings of joy / well-being support
      • Focus support
      • Fungal support
      • Infection support
      • Meditation / grounding support
      • Nervousness support
      • Overexcitement support
      • Menstrual support
      • Respiratory support
      • Sex drive support
      • Skin support
      • Swelling support

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        Essante Organics essential oils are the purest, cleanest, most highly tested and governed oils in the world. Each pure and natural essential oil is guaranteed to be at full potency.  Each essential oil and carrier oil is tested and guaranteed to be 100% free from all dangerous toxins including heavy metals and pesticides. All blends contain certified USDA Organic® oils and/or Wildcrafted oils (see label for organic ingredients). All single oils are certified organic by the USDA NOP® (United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program®). The USDA Organic® certifying agency is a true, 3rd-party governing and regulatory agency that legally ensures Essante Organics is held to the highest quality and organic standards possible. Essante Organics does not condone essential oil companies that “self-certify” their own oils, because self-certifying is a biased method that is not governed or regulated in any way by any outside authority. Self certifications may legally state whatever the company desires to state about their own product(s) be it truthful or not. For this reason, Essante Organics has every single oil extensively tested and properly certified by the gold standard regulatory agency: The USDA National Organic Program®.

      Disclaimer: Per the FDA Sales Executives, who are not licensed medical providers, cannot use any ICD 10 medical diagnosis (including the following) when marketing this essential oil: ADD, ADHD, Asthma, Depression, Eczema, Erectile disfunction, Impotence, Headache, Inflammation, Insomnia, etc. The bullet point terms listed at the top of this page are compliant because they are not medical diagnosis terms. Products do not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.